Mandatory update

Mandatory update

What to do (update)

If you use scripts Like Shift-Checker, first disable it:

crontab -e

Add a hashtag in front of the line to disable the cronjob:

#* * * * * php ~/shift-checker/checkdelegate.php >> ~/shift-checker/logs/checkdelegate.log 2>&1

Now change directory to the Shift folder:

cd shift

Download the most recent version of shift_manager and update the Shift client:

wget -O shift_manager.bash && bash shift_manager.bash update_client

After the update edit your config.json to add your passphrase (see the automagically created config.json.bak in the Shift folder) and change the SSL and API settings if needed. Then reload Shift:
./shift_manager.bash reload

Now Shift is running the new version, you should update Shift-Checker (if you use it):

cd ~ && cp shift-checker/checkdelegate.php . && rm -rf shift-checker

Git clone Shift-Checker again:
git clone

Since a few days, Shift-Checker consists of a config file (config.php). Edit the config.php file with your previous settings from ~/checkdelegate.php and run the script manually to check if everything is okay:

cd ~/shift-checker && php checkdelegate.php

When no errors, edit your crontab again with “crontab -e” and remove the #

What to do (clean install)

From your home directory, clone the repository and install Shift:
git clone && shift/shift_manager.bash install

Start Shift:
shift/shift_manager.bash start

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