What it is

The new web is built for its users

Whether you are a power-user or completely new to blockchain, dApps and cryptocurrency, Shift is working to unite both
user groups on one platform, with ease of use and accessibility as key factors.

Peer-2-peer data storage

Utilizing the interplanetary file system (IPFS), Shift is permanent, fully meshed, peer based data storage.


Seamless monetization

Using the underlying blockchain, monetization of user-created content is seamless, direct and easy to set up.


Uncensorable web

There is no single point of failure and no single provider to censor. Your content is safe from removal.


Turing-complete blockchain

Shift provides powerful, native smart contract support for the fast development and use of blockchain apps.

Shift, a state-of-the-art blockchain

Blazing fast, dApp-ready blockchain network

The Shift blockchain and its delegated Proof-of-Stake consensus are the foundation for the new web. The value of the token riding on top of the blockchain gives us infinite possibilities for seamless payment services.

Phantom, permanent, secure storage

Peer-To-Peer, distributed data & content storage

Our flagship app 'Phantom' will use the interplanetary filesystem, through which we can connect every computing device to the new web. P2P cloud storage, the Internet of things and many decentralized services all profit from this.

The new web can do everything the old web does.
Just better.

From hosting apps, to community forums, to marketplaces - our new web can do everything you love about the old web. Just decentralized, permanent and secure from censorship. Below you can find a few of the many applied use cases we can realize.

Decentralized marketplaces

Trade and exchange freely, across borders and without fees imposed on you by centralized marketplaces.


Uncensorable social media

Speak your mind and share the knowledge you want, wherever you are. Because no one can censor you.


Identity and reputation

Get a unique ID, valid across the whole network. Permanently embedded in the blockchain to make it tamper-proof.


Unlimited possibilities

The new web is versatile and adaptable. Anything that can be done on the world wide web, we can do better.

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