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ShiftNrg 2020: Q3 & Q4 Update

Progress Achieved Q3 & Q4 of 2020

* The previous team did not transfer Shift team reserves 1, 2, and 3 to the new team. Attempts were recently made to settle this outstanding balance, but these 3 accounts are locked behind a 2/3 multi-sig which requires at a minimum 2 out of 3 of Ralf, Craig, and Heisenberg to work together. Ralf was willing to transfer these funds, but the other two remained in an unknown state. An incentivized offer was made in a generous attempt to complete the transfer but remained unanswered and has since expired. We are still unable to reach either Craig or Heisenberg.

Given the circumstances, we decided to take matters into our own code. ShiftNrg developed guard-rails to lock these 3 accounts into a transfer of which only 1 valid address can receive without the transaction failing. That address is under our control. This was released in the latest Lisk-based mainnet update. With this update, the team funds are secured and will be migrated to wSHIFT to be placed in a time-hold smart contract (i.e. vesting). They will later be migrated to our Substrate chain once our mainnet is live within Polkadot’s blockchain ecosystem. In summary, the new team is in control of all funds.

ShiftNrg’s Substrate Testnet
Sample Substrate Address:
Excerpt from Monte Labs Audit Report stored on IPFS
v6.10.0 Mainnet Update
Increasing Liquidity of wSHIFT on Uniswap:
Gitcoin’s Polkadot Hello World Hackathon


🎉 Happy (much belated) New Year 🎉

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ShiftNrg’s blockchain substrate-based technology powering the new web.

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