Market Cap: $205,194   Supply: 10,212,118   24h: -7.06%   7d: +49.84%   BTC: 0.00002887   USD: 0.0201   EUR: 0.0186   CNY: 0.1235


Shift is a new cryptocurrency, it was launched in August 2015 by a restricted team of passionate crypto-enthusiasts. It is based on the promising Lisk technology and aims to provide its own ecosystem thanks to a different vision. Over the months, and after various events in the life of a young product such as a cryptocurrency, Shift is now moving to a bright future thanks to an ever growing team of talented people.

Shift’s funding is done via an operation called premine. All of the funds are secured and distributed over a long period of time to ensure long term development.

How is that done?

Shift is a sophisticated cryptocurrency that allows the creation of what is called a DAC, a Decentralized Autonomous Company, which is like a virtual company that lives on the Blockchain. Everything in that organization is written by contract, and that contract is only executed if certain conditions are met.

What is the blockchain?

The blockchain is a kind of database shared between all people around the world, inherited from bitcoin technology. Shift’s blockchain is amongst the most advanced type of blockchain.

Where can I get Shift?

You can buy Shift in a place called an Exchange. Click on the EXCHANGES link at the top of this page, and choose an exchange to buy from.